"Sometimes it falls upon a generation to be great, You can be that great generation!" -Nelson Mandela

Our Initiatives
Youth Empowerment Through Technology
We want students and graduates to be proficient in the same tools they will be using once they enter the workforce.  All the tools that will be waiting for them in the real world. Preparing the youth for the future is just as important as learning the subject matter, voluntarily.
Hire Me Graduate Program
We call all SA companies to hire  graduates. It’s time to actually start entering the world of grown-ups and find a proper job. You’ve thought about how it will go following graduation and now the moment has come. The thing is, it’s not that easy as it seemed to be!

Who We Support

What They Do
We work at different levels of our society To change the law affecting children To advocate for an Integrity Commission To deprive the corrupt of their corrupt gains
Package includes:
Domain Registration,  Hosting and Email,  Office 365,  IT advice and support and  Cyber security.
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Their Projects
The Ncedanani Hub in Khayelitsha
Changing the law on violence against children
Advocacy, Monitoring and Evaluation

Call to NPOs, Microsoft announced the global availability of Office 365 for qualifying nonprofits and (NGOs) through its software donation program.

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