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Advanced Technology on Mobile Phone


In the world of technology today, we are moving to the point where electronic devices are being capable to control and monitor all other physical devices such as:  Mobile phones.

We have seen a lot of changes in mobile technology over the past few years- from basic phones to the current smartphones. It has evolved rapidly.

  • Way back in days, people used full text messages on their communication routine, but now with the advances in technology, they are using emoji to summarize text messages and to transmit their feelings to avoid long winded conversations. It is even getting impact on how the modern family interacts. With the rise of mobile devices “Smartphones´´, families are spending less time in physical contact and becoming increasingly “on-the-move’ with one another. It has advantages and disadvantages. It is good because helps on our knowledge and skills to do things but also dangerous when destroys families’ relationships “used in a wrong way’

😘 Kisses

😭 I am crying

😍 Falling in love

😞 I am sad

😎 I am cool

😡 Angry

🤗 Hugs


  • People are getting fun with the new types of Apps, as have seen today the new smartphone’s keyboards “bubble ball”, whatever you type pops up bubble balls.
  • In the bank we can make payment, transference or consult our current balance from our phone device, leading to less physical efforts and long queues.

Technology on Mobile phone has changed the way people do business for the better.

  • On the use of new windows update Microsoft OFFICE 365, we can download the Apps, as Yammer, Outlook and Teams on the phone and make a video call meeting with members from our phone and avoid carrying out computers whatever we go.

The mobile phone is becoming smarter with IOT “Internet of Things”, we have no choice on this new age but to grow with technology, so do we or we get left behind.

The technology sped up, in a way that even the gate of your house you can use a device from your phone.

This is funny how fast the electronic devices are being developed, but the reality is that, the technology will never be so cool   until download burger.


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