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Woman In Tech and Business

How amazing and fascinating it is in nowadays for woman to be in technology and to be Entrepreneur. It is uncourageous, motivating to other young woman who wants to be in technology and are willing to start a business. Back in the days most women used to struggle to access technology nevertheless to have their own business as it was difficult for a woman to be in power. Back in the days it was all about ‘’man ‘’ who can do everything, control, being powerful and who can run the world. It is most exciting now that woman and man have equality in the business industry and in technology.

We are always establishing  the lack of diversity in the technology industry but now woman in technology are doing the most and great in the industry and are able to run their business with the technology they have and make it successful.  Wendy Mbele who is an entrepreneur in the technology industry is the one of the examples that shows that woman are able to use technology and become entrepreneurs.

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