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Hire Graduates

Its painful to see graduates in this country loosing hope. We interviewed few graduates that are still unemployed.

Andiswa said the hardest thing they had to do was go back home to ask for financial assistance from their parents who had sent them to school to make their lives better.

“I am educated and I have the qualifications but I am still unemployed. I would like the government and private companies to accommodate us in their companies. My parents sent me to university so that I can assist them financially and uplift our lives, but I still have to go back home to ask them for assistance. The government and private companies are aware about the graduates unemployed. South African statistics shows that there is a large number of unemployed graduates in our country yet they do not hire us. ” she said.

One of the graduates, Yonela Madolo, pointed out that many job advertisements require about three years experience.

We receives calls from NSFAS to pay back the loan, How are we expected to contribute to South Africa if we cannot pay back the money?
Many job / internship vacancies require 3 year experience , whats that?
We feel that the education is useless
Zintle Gana said she had been unemployed for four years and depended on her mother’s pension money.
“I am educated, the situation at home is very bad and there is nothing I can do to change that. I am a mother but I cannot provide for my daughter. I depend on my unemployed mother who receives pension money from the government for food,” she said.

We Call All companies to hire graduates and fight unemployment

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