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Sompisi IT Solutions gives back with ‘Pay IT Forward’

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[Cape Town, 28 October 2016]: Cape Town-based, black-owned IT start-up, Sompisi IT Solutions, has embarked on an initiative to gather resources to provide high school learners in disadvantaged Cape Town communities with much-needed computer classes.

“Pay IT Forward is a Sompisi IT Solutions vehicle with which to get basic computer equipment into under-resourced schools and to raise the funds to support either past Sompisi IT Solutions interns or unemployed youth who have IT skills to provide the students with computer classes,” says Wendy Mbele, Sompisi IT Solutions’ Managing Director.

Having grown up in Khayelitsha, without much exposure to basic computer equipment or training, Mbele has since overcome a number of academic and financial obstacles to be spearheading a successful IT start-up. Even so, she has never lost sight of her early days and hopes, with the help of others, to use her success to give other young students the IT jump-start they need to be able to be both competent and confident IT users in their chosen careers.

“We’re targeting all grades at under-resourced Cape Town high schools with the Pay IT Forward initiative, because high school learners need to find employment after Matric or be equipped to manage their tertiary studies. Just applying for a job or entry to college or university requires having and using an email address and being adept at using online forms,” says Mbele, adding, “Some schools have very few computers, others have very outdated technology and some have none at all, which means that many high school leavers have little to no experience using basic computer technology.”

“Government has tried initiating ICT projects and these have gone a long way in addressing the IT skills shortage among high school learners, but for maximum, sustainable impact, this cannot be done alone,” remarks Mbele. “This is why it’s time to collaborate. Technology is not a privilege to be accessed only by the lucky few. It connects people with life-changing opportunities, it’s a gateway to learning outside of the classroom environment and a way for skilled people to make their own opportunities,” she says.

“Sompisi IT Solutions’ Pay IT Forward will be an ongoing project as long as people are willing to support, volunteer and help resource the initiative. Anybody can help by donating old computer equipment or recycling old and broken electronics with one of our supporters. Donors can either call us to collect their unwanted computer equipment or they can leave their goods at a local drop-off zone, which will be confirmed via our social media. The initiative also accepts financial contributions,” says Mbele, concluding, “We all know we cannot make a significant social impact alone, so this is our call to individuals, businesses and organisations, with any interest in seeing Cape Town’s underprivileged youth equipped with the computer skills they need to function in a study or work environment, to come forward and make a difference in any way they can.”

To make a financial contribution to Sompisi IT Solutions’ Pay IT Forward initiative, please make use of the following account information:

Bank: Investec Bank
Account name: Sompisi IT Solutions
Account Number: 10011734243
Branch: 580105
Ref number: #AccelerateIT
Email POP to: info@sompisi-it.co.za

Khayelitsha Business Collab Breakfast to give entrepreneurs an IT boost


[Cape Town, 26 September 2016]: Sompisi IT Solutions, a Cape Town-based, black-owned IT start-up, is set to host its Business Collab Breakfast at Lookout Hill, Khayelitsha, on the 7th of October 2016. The event will provide a platform for entrepreneurs to network, promote their businesses and get access to the support needed to get their basic IT infrastructure off the ground.

Wendy Mbele, Managing Director of Sompisi IT Solutions comments, “Hosting the Business Collab Breakfast is an important initiative for us, because it creates the space for up-and-coming entrepreneurs to get together, share ideas and maybe even collaborate on their projects. Being an entrepreneur can sometimes have its isolating moments and this is our way of helping the future movers and shakers of our beautiful city to get exposure and learn more about the nitty gritty of running a business.”

Speaking from experience, Mbele grew up in Khayelitsha and had little to no exposure to basic IT skills required for functioning in a tertiary education system or work environment, but thanks to perseverance and hard work, she now spearheads a successful IT start-up that has South Africa’s youth at heart. “We at Sompisi IT Solutions wish to lend a hand to entrepreneurs who may not have the networking opportunities and IT infrastructure essential for starting and running a successful business,” says Mbele, “Which is why alongside the networking breakfast, we are offering a very affordable IT support package that includes the opportunity for delegates to profile their company and enjoy the benefits of a one month email and domain subscription for their business.”

“In our current climate, it’s more important than ever that those with entrepreneurial drive are well prepared to put their talents – and others’ – to good use,” says Mbele, concluding, “The Sompisi IT Solutions Business Collab Breakfast is a unique opportunity for entrepreneurs to go from zero to connected in a short space of time. This could be a golden moment for many a business owner; everyone is welcome.”

Come get your game face on with Sompisi IT Solutions’ Business Collab Breakfast, where you get to network like it’s hot, profile your business and get hooked up with a one-month email and domain subscription for your business. Networking breakfast is R150 per person and the Sompisi Package (including business profile, one-month email and domain subscription) is an additional R200 per person. Register before 1 October 2016 and stand a chance to win a new, responsive website for your company of up to 5 pages, worth R20 000!

Date: Friday, 7th October 2016
Venue: Lookout Hill, cnr Mew Way & Spine Road, Khayelitsha
Time: 09:00 for 09:30 to 11:00
Cost: R150 for networking breakfast; R200 for the Sompisi Package (includes business profile, one-month email & domain subscription)
Payment: By EFT or direct deposit
Banking details:
Bank: FNB
Account name: Sompisi Business Ventures
Account number: 62630520113
Account type: Cheque
Ref: Sompisi IT & your surname

Please note: We will hold your reservation for 48 hours. Please send your confirmation of payment/deposit slip to: info@sompisi-it.co.za or fax 086 551 1510. Your booking will be confirmed once confirmation of payment has been received. Cancellations: You will be refunded if you cancel before 2pm Monday, the 3rd of October 2016.